kbmMW CodeGear Edition

kbmMW CodeGear Edition 4.0

Contains connection pooling on both client to server and server to database

kbmMW CodeGear Edition comes with the following features :
- kbmMW CodeGear Edition Delphi XE2 Starter support! (CG)
- Delphi XE2 Win32/Win64/MacOS, C Builder XE2 Win32 support (Pro/Ent)
- Message bundling (Ent)
- Remote desktop components - make your own webinar or support tool (Ent)
- Full native JSON support built in (Pro,Ent)
- JSON dataset stream format (Pro/Ent)
- New advanced high performance paged stream buffering (Pro/Ent)
- Lots of enhancements in HTTP web server support (Pro/Ent)
- Lots of enhancements in message queues (Ent)

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